Inspiration & Experiments

This project begins with a conceptual word 'Square'. It has diverse means and images such as hard, stiff, formal, modern, corners, edges, modular, building, cards, bricks and so on. through visual experiments, I found a concept about 'boundary'. The square could be faced with something in a length and it might be a barrier that divide into in space and outside of figure. Secondly, I found it could play a role as a passable door and a gateway. And then, I would like to talk about 'my gateway' through passed classes and subjects when I was in university for 4 years with visual experiments.
My gateway & Question
It would be the visual experiments to me. For example, the walked way at university is described by stairs, subway line map with using the subjects. that mean that the stairs show the process of major's completion and the steps and the subway line map show subjects are connected each other mutually. 
Moreover, it can appear to my way by diverse figures. such as a point, a line, a triangle, a square. It show the achievement level that is gotten through passing the way. These show the process and the completion between a freshman and a senior.
As a result, I could look back the my way in college through this project. The majority of graduated students enter the society. I think the resume means the gate to go into the society. and the process that is tried to complete a major is only filled a education section in the resume. At the same time, I raise some questions whether I can be completed through the university courses or not. In addition, You can see everything about me via the resume. 
The advanced works show how the society look at me. 
The society look only the filled contents. On the other hand, the empty sections are overlooked to the society. This means that we are judged by classified sections and they are evaluated. I look this situation with critical eyes. and apart from the limited sections, we have the unmeasured abilities, infinite potentials and future.
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